• Nicole Gervace

What is a Behavioral Analyst and why should you consult one?

A behavioral analyst is someone who helps others understand how and why they communicate or act the way they do. When we gain knowledge into how our mind functions, we learn how to effectively communicate with other brain types to improve personal and professional relationships. Do you have patterns that recur in your life? Do you ever wonder what you can do to break the cycle? Are you interested in self-awareness and personal development? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider taking the DISC/TARP assessment and the IMO Report. The data collected in these reports is used to discover people’s behavioral traits and what motivates those behaviors. The tests are short and straightforward questionnaires that ask individuals to rate words that are most like them or least like them to understand both the conscious and unconscious mind. After the assessment, I conduct a consultation about the results. In this session, people uncover valuable information about themselves. For example, some people may wonder why they are aggressive or passive, what environment best works for their brain type, or how their unconscious processes create either an ideal or imperfect situation either at home, at work or in a social setting. Sometimes our most significant assets may appear as a weakness if not in the right environment. Learn more about yourself today to help you live your best life. Visit www.NicoleGervace.com to learn more or contact me directly.

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